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House Porridge Grains

House Porridge Grains

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The perfect home base for sweet or savory, our crafted blend of organic ancient grains is made of winter wheat and heritage grains plus chia seeds sourced from a women-run collaborative in Peru. Think seasonal fruit and yogurt for a morning meal or roasted mushrooms, a soft boiled egg topped with our Chili Oil for a warming dinner.

Recipe: 1/2 cup of Porridge Grains + 1 cup of water, salt to taste. Bring to a boil, simmer for 10-20 minutes or until grains are desired consistency. Pro Tip: for a savory base, add almond butter, west~bourne chili oil or miso; for a sweet base we love a dash of agave or maple syrup.

Origin Story

Our crafted blend of ancient organic grains includes winter wheats and heritage grains grown and cultivated within the Northeast by our grain partners at Wild Hive Farms. This family-run operation has decades of experience in regenerative farming and sustainably producing rare heritage organic grains. Plus, the Fair Trade chia seeds in this blend are sourced from a women-run collaborative in Peru.

Made with:

Organic red spring wheat, organic white winter wheat, organic oats, organic rye, organic barley, organic spelt, organic corn grits, organic millet, organic flax seeds, and organic chia seeds. Simple as that.

Organic, Vegan, Fair Trade

Fully Compostable Plant Based Bag with Soy Ink
Net Wt. 12oz (340g)

Allergens: contains wheat 


We love good packaging. Even better, packaging that does good. Our non-toxic and resealable vegan pouches are made with sustainably sourced wood cellulose and other bio-based resins that can be composted and used to enrich the soil. Plus our tree free sugarcane paper, eco-friendly adhesive, and soy ink make every aspect of our packaging and label fully compostable and the most sustainable on the planet.


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