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EcoWool Natural Filled Organic Cotton Comforter - Crib

EcoWool Natural Filled Organic Cotton Comforter - Crib

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A wonderful warm breathable natural option for wool comforterts. A nice hand tufted wool comforter just right for the winter chills or for breathability in summer! Wool is one of the most optimal fill choices for comforters due to its natural temperature regulating properties and bacterial resistance. This comforter features an organic cotton damask outer and our Pure Natural EcoWool for the inner (Great for those with MCS). The damask outer is sturdier than a cheap sateen outer, great for those with dogs, children, or who just prefer quality. Our organically processed EcoWool, although not certified organic, we have found to be of equivalent purity to certified organic wool. And the best part is it comes from USA Sheep! The comforter is hand tufted to prevent shifting.

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