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Hand Embroidered Bee

Hand Embroidered Bee

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This gorgeous glimmering Beaded Bee has been hand embroidered on organic calico using golden threads and decorated with tiny brass and coloured glass beads. The handmade wooden box frame is finished in an aged matte black. Hundreds of tiny glass beads and intricate layers of sequins applied with tremendous skill...and out the colours and patterns of the bee. Padded from behind this forms the buzzy body and it is mounted in a box frame with an archivist Latin description denoting the genus of the beastie on the reverse! A gentleman's cabinet of curiosities full of strange specimens and worldly objects must have been truly fascinating! Inspired by this we have created our own archive of creatures...but in a kind to nature, Sew Heart Felt way!

Please note the frames are intentionally not perfectly finished to give a rustic effect and might contain minor indents or marks

Dimensions 16cm x 20cm

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