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Handmade Wooden Peg Sorter

Handmade Wooden Peg Sorter

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Handmade wooden peg sorter.

Materials used:
The base is made of alder, and the inserts are made of beech or walnut.
The toy is perfectly polished, has no sharp corners and splinters, covered with coconut oil.

Length - 15 cm; 5.9 inches
Width - 15 cm; 5.9 inches
Height - 10 cm; 3.9 inches

Main features:
- Natural and safe materials
- Quality at the highest level
- Original design
- Durability and wear resistance
- The product is made completely by hand
- Covered with coconut oil

The toy is suitable for children from 1 year.
Note that the color of the product may differ from the picture

Made in Ukraine 

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