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Handmade Wooden Garbage Truck

Handmade Wooden Garbage Truck

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Handmade wooden Garbage truck toy
Our garbage truck is made of different types of wood, namely: walnut, ash, beech, maple and linden.
The main part of the machine is the body, it can be loaded and unloaded. The wheels turn and the car moves.
The toy is perfectly polished, has no sharp corners and splinters. Coated with linseed oil.

Dimensions: Key Features:
Length - 24 cm; 9.5 inch. - Natural and safe materials
Height - 15 cm; 5.9 inch. - Finished with safe raw walnut oil
Width - 9 cm; 3.5 inch. - Durability and wear resistance
Wheel diameter - 4 cm; 1.6 inch.

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